Are You Generating the Results You Want From LinkedIn? Find Out Why Not

Nielson Online calls LinkedIn… “The world’s largest audience of affluent, influential professionals.” You can network with executives from all Fortune 500 companies, CEOs and more than 100 million experienced professionals from large and small companies from every type of business and industry imaginable. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to establish and maintain unlimited key relationships, especially if you combine article marketing with your LinkedIn marketing efforts. Read More →

LinkedIn Marketing Is the Solution to Small Business Owners Problems

Austin LinkedIn Marketing Solutions As a small business owner there are many problems that you face on a day to day basis. But there are 5 big problems that you can fix by simply using LinkedIn effectively. Problem 1 – Failing to Get Passed the Gatekeepers Busy business executives (the decision makers) train their assistants, secretaries and staff to push away sales professionals and throw away marketing materials. Read More →

Does Your LinkedIn Profile Summary Stink Like a Pair of Old Gym Socks?

Reasons Why Your LinkedIn Profile Stinks To see if your LinkedIn profile summary stinks – answer the questions below honestly. How much time did you spend creating your LinkedIn profile including your LinkedIn summary? Did you fill your LinkedIn profile (including the summary) with fluff and put it together real fast without adding real substance to it – then leave your profile alone so it does nothing for you but rot away and stink like a pair of old gym socks left in your locker when you were back in high school? Read More →

Your Linkedin Profile Headline Should Not Be the Same as Your Position

Right under your name, does your LinkedIn profile headline look like this… CEO & Founder at XYZ and Associates Business Owner at ABC Consulting Speaker at You need to create a headline that grabs attention and pulls your prospects in deeper. Why Your Profile Headline Should Not Be the Same as Your Position Think of your headline as your first sales pitch to people who want to connect with you. Read More →

LinkedIn Marketing Question – Are You Targeting the Right Audiences on LinkedIn?

I just completed a “Live” LinkedIn Profile Review for a healthier lifestyle expert with multiple cookbooks.  One of the biggest mistakes that I noticed in her profile was that her copy was designed specifically to attract a non-business, consumer audience as she was looking to sell more books. The major problem with this is that LinkedIn is a business to business social network platform filled with professionals looking for business information.  Read More →

10 Reasons You Need to Create Your Own LinkedIn Group

So, you don’t have your own LinkedIn group and community? Well, let me tell you how I have benefited from having my own LinkedIn group – and give you 10 reasons why you need to create one today. Reason 1 – Having your own LinkedIn group helps you stay engaged with your connections What good is having 100, 1000 or even 10,000+ connections – if they are just sitting there doing nothing for your business. Read More →