Choose the hashtags according to the post

Hashtags have been around the internet for many years. But they have been popularized in the last few years. People used to look for the best thing that could make their post a viral one. But it has been found that this thing has been misused by many people at the very first. This is mainly because of the fact that people do not have the idea of how to use the thing in the right way and in the right manner. Read More →

Dreadful Social Media Marketing Campaign Mistakes to Avoid

At first glance, creating a social media campaign can seem pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, as most people realize (especially those who are still finding their way around) social media can be a challenging and time-consuming task. However, the importance of having a well-thought out social media strategy cannot be overstated. Apart from helping showcase your brand to both current and prospective customers, the right social media campaign can also help warrant your position in the marketplace is stronger. Read More →

Daily Social Media Hashtags to Boost Your Brand

Do you know that daily hashtags like FollowThursday or ThrowbackFriday can creatively mix your social media marketing to enable you to get to your audience? These and other trendy hashtags will easily help you to update your firm’s social pages. Hashtags on the social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram also greatly help to join conversations and expose you to different audiences. Read More →

15 Great Tools to Create Social Media Images for Better Engagement

When sharing on social media, you get more reshares, clicks, favorites, and replies – if you use images in your text. Images help to increase engagement to a great extent. It was found out, in an experiment, retweets that had images were more than 200% for updates in comparison to those that did not have images. It is abundantly clear that images greatly boost your social media marketing and social campaign, and you cannot afford to ignore this fact. Read More →

How to Get Traffic from Instagram using Bitly URL

Instagram may be the ‘monarch of engagement’ for online marketers, but the social media platform has one drawback: it does not enable you to insert clickable links on the captions of the photos you’ve posted on that social media. Indeed, your bio is the one place where you can add a link. This poses a big challenge when you need to drive traffic from that social media platform. Read More →

6 Tips to create content for Snapchat for better business marketing

You have probably heard about Snapchat. It is one of the famous mobile messaging apps. Recently, it is becoming a valuable marketing tool and also the second-largest social network. Snapchat is a purely social application, and it carries several business benefits. It is the best way to keep the business and its revenue flowing. Snapchat is becoming a vital part of global marketing strategies. Read More →

Anatomy Of A Perfect Blog Post – Increase Your Readers With These Tips

Six Fantastic Tips That Leads To A Perfect Blog Post Blogging is the best way to express oneself. If you have creative ideas and an intellectual thought process what better way than communicating it via blogging? These days almost everyone is indulged in blogging, from individuals to organizations, everyone wants to interact with their audience. Well, it is an impressive way to connect with people across the globe. Read More →

Change Your Passwords On A Regular Basis

I worked in banking for years… passwords were the key to many things including the safe and the banking machines (all by double access of teams of two people of course)… for that reason, I take password security pretty seriously. Recently there have been many breaches of data all over… Amazon, Sony, Microsoft were the most recent ones. Forbes even noted that 2018 was the Year of Data Breach and have said to brace for more as hackers continue their quest for … well whatever they are really after. Read More →