Outsourcing Social Media? How to Effectively Work With Any Social Media Consultant You Hire

Whether you are already working with a social media consultant on your LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter account or you are looking to hire someone to manage your social media marketing efforts – you need to know how to manage the person or team you choose. If you want to achieve maximum results and a higher ROI, then you can’t just let your social media consultant run a muck. Read More →

Buyer Persona: The Complete Guide To Creating And Using Them

Amazing, right? There are still some companies out there who do not even think seriously about their target audience. Others are already there and define them. Then it says our target groups are medium-sized companies or women over the age of 40 with two children. This is a good start. But such a target group definition is too board-like and does not take into account some things that are important to the buying decision. Read More →

Online Sales: Guidelines For Social Selling For New Customer Acquisition

How does social selling work? The Corona crisis brings many problems for entrepreneurs: Should we sell despite the crisis? Should we discount products or give them away for free? How can we sell despite the social distance? The article answers these questions and shows solutions to Social Selling. But first two short answers. Yes, continue to sell, but differently: with social Selling. Read More →

6 Most Important Social Media Trends

If you work in the marketing department, you are probably in a planning phase, analyzing the performance of  last year’s initiatives, while analyzing the new trends in which you will invest in 2022. Social networks are a particularly active area in terms of news and trends, so keeping abreast of the latest changes in user behavior is key to developing a successful marketing strategy. Read More →

How to Write High-Quality Content for Your Website

Using professionally written content is an important factor for building and keeping the traffic. Learn how to write high-quality content for your website. More and more businesses are created every day, all offering similar products and services. But what makes them all unique? Perhaps it’s their name, their logo, or the vibe they give off when their clients are serviced? Or maybe it’s how many business cards they pass out? Read More →

Safety Tips for Adults Using Social Media

Adults are constantly warning their children to practice safe computing while on the Internet. Those same adults think the rules don’t apply to them. Sometimes it seems as if the cultures of child and adult suffer from a double standard. Children shouldn’t do one thing but it’s okay for adults. For example, children must always wear a safety helmet when riding their bikes but adults frequently ignore this safety precaution. Read More →

Free Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Looking for free ways to increase website traffic? Look no further! Try these free tips and tricks to quickly kick your website traffic into gear. The internet is a big place. It’s easy for smaller sites lacking a dedicated marketing staff to get lost among the competition. But that knowledge is no consolation for website owners staring at a hit counter that seems to never move. Read More →

5 Secrets to Using Social Media for a New Job

Harnessing the Power of Social Networking for Job Opportunities With people of varying ages logging on to online social networking sites, new applications add the job search functionality. Here’s how to find jobs through social sites. Despite numerous predictions of implosion due to identity and security concerns, the online social networking phenomenon is here to stay. Whether Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Bebo, Orkut, or any other of the dozens of social sites on the web, online social networking is trending amongst people of all ages around the globe. Read More →

Improve your email marketing – best practices

Before creating the email campaign for sending to your subscriber, we have to familiarize ourselves with the email marketing best practices. Nearly millions of companies use email marketing for promoting the products and services. When it comes to right down to it, the basics of email marketing is the first step. What is email marketing? Is this useful for your business or product promotion? Read More →

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a way to promote products & services and reach the prospective customer directly through electronic email. It is one of the most traditional parts of internet marketing and is known for a more effective method rather than other marketing methods. If you have a good email list, then there is a high chance to promote your services and products with your customer. Read More →