Links in Instagram: This is How it Works Without a Verified Account

The biggest shortcoming of Instagram Stories right now? In terms of user interactions, they are quite a dead end at the moment. Apart from a comment function and individual interaction stickers, there is not much. It would be so nice if you could store a link with which the user can get out of the story to an external website. Although, there is: just not for everyone so far. Read More →

Complete Guide to Setting Up an Instagram Shop

It’s been a while since Instagram Shopping was officially launched. The first tests were carried out in November 2016, and since then, we have had many questions about how to set up and activate Instagram Shopping. A lot has happened in the two years, and several extensions for Instagram shopping have been introduced. 130 million people around the world interact with the feature every month—time to deal with the function. Read More →

Online Sales: Guidelines For Social Selling For New Customer Acquisition

How does social selling work? The Corona crisis brings many problems for entrepreneurs: Should we sell despite the crisis? Should we discount products or give them away for free? How can we sell despite the social distance? The article answers these questions and shows solutions to Social Selling. But first two short answers. Yes, continue to sell, but differently: with social Selling. Read More →

Instagram Marketing Guide For Beginners

With almost 1 billion users, Instagram is one of the largest social networks in the world. Ascending trend. Reason enough to take a closer look at Instagram marketing. In this over 3,500-word Instagram marketing guide,  I give you essential strategies to help you succeed on Instagram. Instagram profile: your profile picture With your profile picture, make sure that you are recognized well on the one hand and that you may already be seen while you are photographing. Read More →

Why Instagram Reels is Exciting For Companies.

Instagram Reels, Facebook’s answer to the successful TikTok multi-clip app, has been available since the end of June. Reason enough for us to analyze whether and which companies are already using reels and which content is being played there. Of course, we are also concerned with the question of whether the latest Instagram feature can become a major competitor for “the original.” Read More →

Facebook Ads: The Ultimate Guide

What are Facebook Ads? Facebook Ads are paid advertisements that are placed on the platform of companies and are played out by Facebook according to the targeting set to its users. The goal of Facebook advertising is to get the target group to perform the desired conversion (interaction, click, landing page call, lead or purchase). High relevance to advertising plays a very important role. Read More →

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads have many advantages and a few disadvantages. If you are active in online marketing, there is hardly any way around the social network and its advertising opportunities for companies anyway. Costs When it comes to Facebook Ads costs, the big advantage is cost control. The daily or term budget, as well as the maximum CPC, can be set by hand. Read More →

Perfect Facebook Post

This is what the perfect Facebook post looks like Facebook currently has around 2.7 billion monthly active users. This reach makes it clear how attractive the network is as a channel for online marketing. However, it also ensures that there cannot be one perfect post. It’s logical: if there are so many people in one place, they also bring a wide range of different interests and preferences with them. Read More →

6 Most Important Social Media Trends

If you work in the marketing department, you are probably in a planning phase, analyzing the performance of  last year’s initiatives, while analyzing the new trends in which you will invest in 2022. Social networks are a particularly active area in terms of news and trends, so keeping abreast of the latest changes in user behavior is key to developing a successful marketing strategy. Read More →

Does Your LinkedIn Profile Summary Stink Like a Pair of Old Gym Socks?

Reasons Why Your LinkedIn Profile Stinks To see if your LinkedIn profile summary stinks – answer the questions below honestly. How much time did you spend creating your LinkedIn profile including your LinkedIn summary? Did you fill your LinkedIn profile (including the summary) with fluff and put it together real fast without adding real substance to it – then leave your profile alone so it does nothing for you but rot away and stink like a pair of old gym socks left in your locker when you were back in high school? Read More →