Outsourcing Social Media? How to Effectively Work With Any Social Media Consultant You Hire

Whether you are already working with a social media consultant on your LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter account or you are looking to hire someone to manage your social media marketing efforts – you need to know how to manage the person or team you choose. If you want to achieve maximum results and a higher ROI, then you can’t just let your social media consultant run a muck. Read More →

Are You Generating the Results You Want From LinkedIn? Find Out Why Not

Nielson Online calls LinkedIn… “The world’s largest audience of affluent, influential professionals.” You can network with executives from all Fortune 500 companies, CEOs and more than 100 million experienced professionals from large and small companies from every type of business and industry imaginable. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to establish and maintain unlimited key relationships, especially if you combine article marketing with your LinkedIn marketing efforts. Read More →

LinkedIn Marketing Is the Solution to Small Business Owners Problems

Austin LinkedIn Marketing Solutions As a small business owner there are many problems that you face on a day to day basis. But there are 5 big problems that you can fix by simply using LinkedIn effectively. Problem 1 – Failing to Get Passed the Gatekeepers Busy business executives (the decision makers) train their assistants, secretaries and staff to push away sales professionals and throw away marketing materials. Read More →

Buyer Persona: The Complete Guide To Creating And Using Them

Amazing, right? There are still some companies out there who do not even think seriously about their target audience. Others are already there and define them. Then it says our target groups are medium-sized companies or women over the age of 40 with two children. This is a good start. But such a target group definition is too board-like and does not take into account some things that are important to the buying decision. Read More →

Content Research: 8 Steps To Create Great Content With Solid Research

The truffle pig and humans have much in common. Especially when it comes to the noble tuber fungi: truffles. Truffles are the most expensive mushrooms in the world. Because they are rare and tasty, they only grow underground under the roots of individual trees. A truffle pig can still smell the scent of the truffle even if the mushroom lies half a meter deep below the earth’s surface. Read More →

Ideal Keyword Research For Google Ads

The search engine Google has dominated the advertising landscape in search networks in the world for years with a market share of over 90% of search queries. The B2B industry is a particular case due to its complex products. To harmonize the unique features of B2B communication with Google’s requirements for Google Ads, a few subtleties have to be observed. In this article, we show which these are and how you can achieve the most accurate communication possible with B2B keywords in Google Ads. Read More →

Google Ad Cost

“How much does a Google Ad campaign cost? “: This is a question we hear all the time. When you want to get into CPC advertising to promote your products and services on the web, it is essential to have very clear ideas on the issue. The problem is that the answers are given very often boil down to the traditional “it depends.” Read More →

Facebook Or Google: Which Is The Better Pick For A Brand’s Ads?

Facebook vs Google Ads – Which is Best for my Brand? In the world of ads, every last lead counts towards taking your business to new leagues of success. Campaigns become increasingly competitive by the day in a frantic bid for market share. Every social media strategic plan revolves around leveraging a potential audience for the brand into solid conversions and business opportunities. Read More →

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Sometimes the Facebook campaign doesn’t want what you’d like. No wonder, there are extremely many options in the delivery, in the design, in the placement, in the guidelines or in the payment of ads. If you are lucky, Facebook knows directly and clearly on a problem. For example, if ads are not approved. But there are enough other cases, too much to pay attention to, especially for beginners and sometimes “just” everything is just too expensive. Read More →

Tips For Increasing Your Instagram Story Views

If you manage to stick to some key rules when using Instagram, you have a real chance of significantly increasing your views – organically. Every month, more than a billion people use the Instagram app, 500 million of whom use the Instagram story function every day. In 15-second sections, you set the relevant impression: You share your tips or experiences, give insights into your life, get opinions like about the voting sticker and find out how your community thinks about something and what should happen next. Read More →